Turning Concept to Reality

Mechanical engineering is one of the most expansive and versatile areas of product development.

Our mechanical engineering team will make a product come to life by taking an idea for an invention and turning it into reality. They’ll gather all the information they need to design a project like rough drawings and napkin sketches, ask questions on how the idea is supposed to work, and present options and ideas for it.

Mechanical engineering is used in one form or another to design most products. Mechanical engineers will be involved in a wide range of different fields including automotive, aerospace, agricultural, consumer goods, robotics, medical products, and more. Virtually every physical product will have had some level of mechanical engineering involved.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

The job of a mechanical engineer is to take a product from concept to reality. Our team will figure out how the moving parts of a product will affect each other, what materials will work best for the invention, and how to make a product that will endure the stresses it will come across in its natural life cycle. They will develop an idea to into a physical part that is designed with function, aesthetics, and durability in mind.


Our team makes it their goal to design products that are safe to use, easy to use, efficient, reliable, and cost effective to produce.

Our Mechanical Engineering Services

We’ve streamlined our design process into 4 simple stages.

  1. Consultation

    Our engineering team will have an initial consultation with you to make sure we have an understanding of what you require for your invention, and what features you want included for your product. We will go over what should be possible and not possible, and work on a quote to create the first revision of manufacturing files.

  2. Design

    If you move forward with the quote, our engineering team will then begin work on developing your files. Those files will then be used to quote a prototype.

  3. Prototype

    We have partnered with companies overseas that can source prototype factories at affordable rates. Some of our quotes have been thousands of dollars cheaper than domestic prototyping costs. We have access to a wide range of prototyping companies that can make parts using 3D printing, CNC Machining, injection molding, and sheet metal prototyping. If you need help with product testing, our engineer can help you find the right laboratory to help test your product if needed.

  4. Revisions

    After you have a prototype made, if any changes need to be done to the design, we would then work through those with you and help you finalize your invention.