You don’t have to come up with something completely new to make a successful innovative product. Sometimes a fresh take on an old product or idea is all is needed to transform it into something novel.

Here are 6 creative product ideas that have revitalized both old and new products.

  1. FlashTorch

    A flashlight combined with a torch is the perfect outdoor tool. Perfect for finding your way in the dark, starting fires, lighting fires, or even doing light cooking, the flash torch is the perfect combination for outdoor enthusiasts. The product, simple yet elegant, is a perfect example of creative thinking to make a useful tool that everyone can use.
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  2. Jelly Cleaner

    Ever struggle to clean something with complex hard to reach nooks and crannies? The jelly cleaning cloth was made to help with that. Ideal for cleaning keyboards, computers, laptops, vents, and more, all you have to do is press the jelly into the surface needed to be cleaned, and pull it out.
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  3. Magnetic Wristband

    If you’ve ever assembled a piece of furniture, you’ll know few things can make you panic more than not knowing if you lost or misplaced a screw. The magnetic wristband is meant to fix this issue. It can hold your washers, bolts, screws, and other metallic pieces while you work on your project. Noticing something that causes everyday frustration and using what’s around you to solve it is how many products were invented.
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  4. Self Stirring Mug

    This might seem a little gimmicky at first, but the self-stirring mug is perfect for keeping drinks evenly mixed while you drink them. They are great for people who take their time to enjoy their drinks, or for drinks where items like cream, syrup, or smoothies might have ingredients sink to the bottom of the mug. Some are insulated to help keep your drinks warmer. Few things are simpler than a cup, but the self-stirring mug shoes that even everyday items can be innovated and improved upon.
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  5. Pocket Printer

    If you are a traveler, a pocket printer will be a perfect addition to your luggage. Perfectly sized, yet able to print full-fledged documents, it’s a great way to keep business moving on the road. Since more and more people are traveling these days, helping people keep their companies moving on the go is a wonderful design idea.
    Pocket Printer

  6. 3D Printing Pen

    Everyone has heard of 3D printing by now, but what you may not have heard of is the 3D printing pen. This accessible piece of equipment is usable for all ages and people are using it to make toys, art, decoration, and even clothing. It’s also used to patch broken pieces of equipment and has a myriad of uses. Taking something that only a few people would know how to use – the 3D printer, and making it a product that people of all ages can use widely opens up the market for the product.
    3D Printing Pen

Hopefully these will give you some inspiration. If you are still struggling to come up with ideas, take a look at items in your house, at a supermarket, or on commercials on TV. Ideas can come from anywhere. If you want help with developing your product, contact us!

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