Innovative & Efficient

We have developed a wide range of products for our customers. Check out some of the products we’ve developed and projects we’ve worked on. Our team specializes in design for manufacturing(DFM). We know the stages a product must take for successful development and beyond.

If what you are looking to develop doesn’t quite match what you see below, please reach out and contact us to see if we can handle your project.

Product Portfolio

  • Multi-Component Whistle

    Multi-Component Whistle

  • Acrylic Decorative Crown Piece

    Acrylic Decorative Crown Piece

  • Kitchen Multi-Tool

    Kitchen Multi-Tool

  • Fixture for Laser Mirrors

    Fixture for Laser Mirrors

  • Collapsible Dumpster

    Collapsible Dumpster

  • Industrial Container Hinge

    Industrial Container Hinge