• Mike Genung

    Mike Genung


    Mike founded Global Trade Specialists, Inc in 1991, five years after he took his first business trip to Mainland China. Starting a career with over 35 years of experience in international trade, manufacturing, and new product development. Mike has reach internationally working with companies in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and more. Phoenix Product Development is a subsidiary of Global Trade Specialists, committed to taking products from napkin sketch to mass production through our streamlined process.

    He lives with his family near the company’s offices in Chandler, Arizona.

  • Sean Genung

    Sean Genung

    National Sales Manager

    Born into a legacy of international trade, Sean grasp the opportunity and paved his own experience in production and product development. Working for 3 years as a CNC Machinist for a machine shop making close tolerance parts. His unique experience in manufacturing is a benefit to our customers who need to take their products from concept to production. He is passionate about helping others accomplish their goals and helping them succeed.

    Sean is based out of our office in Chandler, Arizona. When he isn't at work he enjoys a good book or hike.

  • Greg Simon

    Greg Simon

    Lead Product Designer & Engineer

    Greg's story begins with an education from Grand Valley State University at Grand Rapids, Michigan. He then utilized this degree in the manufacturing engineer role for 5 years and engineering program management role for 5 years. He has gained on the job experience with regards to supplier quality, product design, project management, machine building/development, cell improvements, quality standards, development procedures, and more.

    He has a strong background in manufacturing, design for assembly, manufacturing processes, mechanical design, CAD development, electrical circuitry, software, 3D printing, laser cutting, plastic forming, and more. As time progresses he became increasingly comfortable with his abilities to perform in the workforce regardless of the task at hand. His resolve is to persistently strive for excellence in not only his personal performance but also the performance of the customer.

  • Sandy England

    Sandy England

    Operations Manager

    Before she joined us in 2012, Sandy England had worked for 10 years as a top-level executive overseeing 400 branches for a major high-tech firm. Sandy helps us run the company and manages importing, which includes ISF entries and US customs issues for our customers. Her expertise helps provide a smooth, efficient process for customers.

    Sandy is a native of Colorado who loves the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and shooting her bow. Her office is based in Colorado.

  • Rebekah Genung

    Rebekah Genung

    Office Manager

    Rebekah oversees the accounting and keeps the office running like a well oiled machine. If you call our US office, Rebekah will likely be the friendly voice you hear first. She handles our international and domestic shipping as well as being the first "hello" you hear when you call.

    Rebekah is based out of our office in Chandler, Arizona.

  • Thomas Neumann

    Thomas Neumann

    Sales Manager for Europe

    Our European division, Thomas runs our office in Vienna, Austria. He speaks English and fluent German, and manages sales for companies across Europe. He has owned two businesses in Vienna, Austria, and has over 25 years of experience in marketing and international trade.

    Thomas lives in Vienna, Austria, with his family. He can be reached directly through our Europe dedicated site – global-china-sourcing.com.