Phoenix Product Development is an engineering and product design company that helps people with affordable yet high quality design, prototyping, and manufacturing services.

About Phoenix Product Development

Our company has decades of experience of turning napkin sketches into professional designs, and we’ve helped hundreds of people see their visions for their ideas become real. Phoenix Product Development is dedicated to giving life to new products.

We love helping people get to make their visions come true with their inventions. We understand that launching a new product is an exciting but also daunting adventure. That’s why all our team members are passionate about making inventing a new product as accessible and simple as possible.

Product design shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We know the initial investments into your product need to be carefully chosen. Understanding this we charge below the standard rates of other design companies, because we hold to the idea that everyone should have an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Leveraging our experienced team of product engineers and our streamlined design process, Phoenix Product Development can help you pursue those dreams while saving money on your design.

How We do Successful Product Development

  1. Work with our engineering team – We’d set you up with the engineering team we have partnered with. They will work with you to get first generation manufacturing drawings made. They can help you in any phase of product development and will walk you through finding out what will work best for manufacturing, material options, etc.
  2. Prototyping – Our offshore prototyping team can help you get a prototype made to test your product. Our rates are a mere fraction of what the domestic cost of prototypes can be, as much as 5-8x cheaper.
  3. Product testing – After you receive the prototype, our engineering team can help you test it if needed. At this point if any changes need to be made to the design our engineering team can handle them.