Phoenix Product Development

Phoenix Product Development is a Product Design & Development Firm based out of Chandler, Arizona. Since 1991 we’ve been helping our customers in North America and other countries take their products from napkin sketch to production.

Each product takes a unique journey through development, let us embark on yours together.

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Guiding You Through Every Stage of Product Developement

  • 1 Concept & Engineering

    Our US-based engineering team will take your initial concept and create first generation drawings. We’ll work with you on product design, and establish the dimensions, tolerances, and finish requirements a production manufacturing company will need. Learn More
  • 2 Prototyping

    We’ll source the prototype for your product from one of our prototype manufacturers. On average, prototyping costs overseas run 75% lower than domestic costs, saving you thousands of dollars in development costs. Learn More
  • 3 Product Testing

    After you’ve tested your prototype, we’ll work with you to update the drawings so they’re production ready. In some cases, after creating the first prototype, our customers find they need to make additional changes. We would then work with you to update the drawings and get a second set of prototypes made. Learn More

How We Help Achieve Your Product Goals

  • Product Concept & Design

    Product Concept & Design

    We can take your product at any stage it’s in and help you develop it. We'll help you conceptualize what is best for your product and then design the first revision of manufacturing files for it. We can make 2D Pdfs that will show the part with all its dimensions, materials, components, and finish, and we can make 3D models in CAD format as well.

  • Industrial Design

    Industrial Design

    Our engineering partners are well equipped to handle your industrial design needs. They keep up to date on current manufacturing capabilities and limitations, and will design your products with manufacturability in mind so that your product can be mass produced.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Whether you are looking to design just one part or an assembly, our engineering partners can help you design parts that need mechanical engineering. We’ve developed many complex parts that required components to fit and function together in order to work properly.

  • Prototype Manufacturing

    Prototype Manufacturing

    Prototypes are one of the most crucial stages for all forms of product development. We can assist with helping you get prototypes made so that you can test your product. Our prototype manufacturing capabilities include 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal, and prototype injection molding.

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Integrity & Product Protection

We sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request because we know our customers don’t want their business divulged to others. We are committed to your product development and as such are committed to protecting your product throughout the process.